Become a Franchise Consultant

Are you looking for a great, low cost, low overhead, financially rewarding opportunity in franchising? 


Franchise consulting is a top rated home based business with demand growing daily. Being a franchise consultant can be a fun and rewarding opportunity to build a business helping others identify and explore franchise opportunities while earning handsome commissions from the franchises they represent.

Franchise consulting is on the rise with 2023-2024 being record years for the industry.


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Become a Franchise Consultant

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What is a Franchise Consultant

A franchise consultant operates similar to a recruiter or a real estate agent except focuses on franchising. They work with entrepreneurs to identify and explore franchise opportunities.

Is Franchise Experience Needed?

While it certainly can’t hurt, previous franchise experience is not needed to be a successful franchise consultant. Most consultant groups will teach you a wealth of information about the industry and how to succeed. Learn more about franchise consultant training here.

Do I need a special License?

Currently there are no special state nor federal licensing requirements to be a professional franchise consultant.

Can this be done part time?

Absolutely! A lot of consultants own other businesses or even a full time job and work their business part-time to generate a secondary source of income.

Who Makes a Great Consultant

Someone who enjoys working with and helping others, who has great phone skills and has the ability to learn and follow a proven system can make for a successful franchise consultant. Learn more.

How do I make money?

When a franchise consultant’s prospect purchases a franchise they introduced the consultant is paid a commission or finders fee.

In addition consultants can earn money helping their clients secure funding and even helping other businesses become franchises.

How much can I Make?

To a degree that is up to you depending on your marketing budget and how much you want to work. Commissions for consultants typically range from $15,000 – $50,000 per transaction.

How long does it take?

With most franchise consulting opportunities you can be in business in as little as 15-30 days. If you follow the program a reasonable time frame to start earning money is 3-6 months.

The typical franchise consultant process


Through a number of different methods consultants produce leads for potential buyers.


Consultants learn to properly qualify their prospects to gauge skills, goals and more.


After qualifying consultants will find potential franchises that meet their clients critera.


Once a consultant has helped find good matches they will introduce their clients to those brands.

Franchises You Might Represent

Featured Brands

Franchise Brands You Can Represent

These are some of the brands commonly represented by professional franchise consultants. Brands will vary some from one consultant group to the other but these are some of the common ones.

Franchise Brands
Franchise Consultant Training

Franchise consultant training

What you will learn as a franchise consultant

The consultant groups listed on this site all offer excellent soup to nuts training for their consultants either in-person, virtual or on-demand covering a wide range of important to know franchise related topics.

Is Franchise Consulting Right for You?

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“Becoming a franchise consultant was a great decision for me. I enjoy helping others, and making a nice living and have much more time with my family.”

Dave W - Denver CO

“I never even knew this profession existed but I am so glad I found it. It is the perfect side business while my family and I run our restaurant.”

Jason R - Atlanta GA

“I love being a franchise consultant. The income and people are great and it has given me the flexibility to travel and enjoy other things in my life.”

Brianna T - Miami FL