Can You Be a Franchise Consultant for Free?

Can you become a franchise consultant without paying any money?

Technically speaking, yes you can become a franchise consultant for free. ( Sort of ). The question is whether or not that is a better route than making the small investment to join a successful and reputable franchise consultant network.

Realistically you can you start calling on franchisors and ask if they will pay you a referral fee if you send them a new franchisee. Some will actually say Yes. Not as many as will say yes to most of the consultant groups but sure some will. Now that being said in most cases it is highly unlikely they will pay you as high of a referral fee as they pay to most franchise broker networks but some will pay you.

Next you need to learn some things but these days if you dig hard enough you can learn darn near anything on the internet. There are lots of articles about franchise consulting and what makes a great one. You are probably better off learning directly from an industry expert but again it’s not impossible.

Lastly you are going to need to generate leads… Perhaps you already know people that want to buy a franchise or perhaps you are already great at internet marketing. Most franchise consultants generate their leads either via the internet or through their personal network of associates, or both. 

So there you have it – YES you can become a franchise consultant for free but for most, making the investment for proper training, support, contacts, etc. is well worth it.

Could you be a great franchise consultant?

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