Franchise Consultant Training

While certain aspects of consultant training will vary from group to group they all for the most part teach the same or at least similar topics. Below are the most common consultant training topics covered.


Franchise Consultant Training

The role of a franchise consultant

A high level overview of what exactly a franchise consultant does and how they earn money in the business.

Franchise Ownership Roles

The different types of franchise ownership roles and what type of investor is most likely to fall within which category.

Basic Franchise Law

Some basic franchise laws to keep in mind as a franchise consultant. Commonly an understanding of state registrations and laws around things like franchise earnings claims.

Franchise Matching

How to identify great potential matches to present to your candidate once qualified.

Managing the Discovery Process

What do you do once you have introduced your prospect to a franchise or franchises.

Technology & Back Office Systems

Most all groups provide you with technology tools ranging from intranet access to search tools to CRMs. Lessons on how to get the most out of the tools provided.

Invoicing Methods

All groups have their varying ways of getting paid for deals made. Understanding what steps to take when you close a deal to get paid.

The Basics of Franchising

What is a franchise and the advantages (and sometimes disadvantages) of franchise ownership.

Franchise Investment Levels

Single unit, multi-unit, area developer, area representative and master franchising.

Qualifying Your Prospects

How to properly qualify your candidate to ensure they are qualified, worthy of being introduced to a potential franchisor and types of models that best suit them.

Presenting Your Brands

Some great techniques to use when presenting or pitching your prospect on potential franchise to explore.

Leads and Marketing

The various lead types, marketing methods and best practices for engaging the different types of leads and prospects.

Franchise Funding

The different ways many people fund or finance their franchise and any go-to services that group may have relationships with.

Other tools of the trade

Any 3rd party software commonly used, typical home office set up, etc.

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