What really makes a great franchise consultant?

Great franchise consultants come in all shapes and sizes. Seriouesly I know top producers that range from husband and wife teams to lone rangers that live in isolated areas to those that love to constantly be networking face to face with others. That tells me that there are numerous ways to market as a franchise consultant. 

One of the most common traits of a successful franchise consultant is they genuinely love working with and helping others. Franchise consulting is not sales, it is helping others find the answers to their challenges and goals. I have always said help someone find the right opportunity, it sells itself, show them the wrong opportunity and Brian Tracey himself could not close the deal.

Franchise consulting is a marathon, not a spint and does not come with overnight success. In fact it takes months to establish yourself and build your pipeline so patience, being able to focus on the long term gain is critical. Anyone that thinks franchise consulting is a get rich quick business is destined for dissapointment and failure.

Follow the methods your broker group teaches you, never stop learning and stay focused on helping others and building your pipeline and great success a franchise consultant is yours to be had. 


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